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Hello !

I’m Marion. 

I’ve always loved light, people and travel. This led me to photography. Independence and entrepreneurship just went along naturally. I’m a Wedding and Family photographer for 4 years now. I am based in Toulouse and work wherever your story goes.


How did it all begin?

I settled as a photographer after a friend asked me to cover her Wedding day. I was working for a few years for a well-known aircraft manufacturer in Toulouse… I loved my team but I knew I wasn’t going to stay. It wasn’t my path. I felt trapped when I was supposed to feel grateful.

I didn’t know what my next step would be when Marie asked me to cover her Wedding day. She was planning her wedding the year after. She liked my Travel photography.She thought she would simply ask me if I was interested and willing to cover her Wedding day.

My first reaction was to say NO. After all, even though I loved Photography, it was really intuitive for me but I wasn’t a professional photographer. Yet.

In the weeks following her inquiry something started to blossom inside my head. I could actually start my own company: be a professional photographer earning money for my craft. I eventually say YES.

September, 5th 2015 is the beginning of a new chapter in my Life..


Why Instant Galerie ?

I grew up admiring work from international correspondents. I love that each and every single image they publish tells a story. And at the same time when you see them altogether it means something even broader. I love the fact of delivering a collection of instanttrue memories to frame and cherish.


My approach to Photography?

Not to intervene. Either for your Day in the Life session of your Wedding day, I will not stage you. There won’t be any setting up. Only you, your feelings and connections at this time in Life. Your story as it unfolds naturally.


Are you looking for a Wedding photographer? Take my quizz on Wedding reportage to find out if we are the perfect match!

If you are looking for capturing true memories with your loved ones, you will find every services I offer on the dedicated page of Family Photography Services.